Social Media Management

Having a social media presence is an essential part of any active business seeking new customers, clients, or users. Further, many customers will first learn of your business through social media, defining how they think and feel about your brand. Therefore, it is essential that your social media presence accurately represents your business/brand, and acts as a marketing conduit.

A Light in the Rain Ltd., can help you set up social media in an optimized way, manage it, and/or teach you how to manage it. We can create posts weeks in advance that will get shared, attract attention, and grow your business on a daily basis. And we can develop protocols for responding to customer requests in a polite and friendly way that will keep them interested in what you offer.

While many businesses use marketing software to automate social media posts, we focus on taking advantage of the differences between social media platforms. Each social media platform you have deserves unique posts optimized to take advantage of their demographics and limits. Even when making announcements cross-platform, we can help optimize the copy to fit the respective medium.

We can also help determine the best days and time to make certain types of posts and announcements, as well as analyze data to optimize future posts.

Contact Us to take full advantage of all the options social media has to offer, and develop your brand today!

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