Crisis Management

Even with an amazing product and perfect marketing, there is always the chance of a public relations crisis. Major corporations have lost millions in value overnight due to poorly thought out responses to controversies. Rather than risk losing business and profit, A Light in the Rain Ltd., can help you take advantage of controversies or crises, and turn them into free marketing.

We will help you prepare a general strategy for any controversy that may arise, as well as several specific strategies for various types of crises. These strategies will delegate specific responsibilities and emergency communication avenues, provide optimized responses for common issues, and discuss possible outcomes and follow-up responses. Essentially, you will be prepared to handle most controversies or crises in an efficient, effective, and beneficial way.

Additionally, A Light in the Rain Ltd., can help you directly deal with controversy or crises when they arise. We will need data on your customers, and any marketing insights you may have. Further, we will need to have ongoing access to decision makers in your business, to discuss possible actions and responses. Our goal is always to adapt your message/response in a way that is acceptable to your current customers, potential customers, the media, and those who feel wronged. This is often done through the use of social and cultural psychology, by focusing on key aspects of culture that nearly everyone agrees on.

As with all our services, we will keep our interactions private, and sign any necessary confidentiality agreements.

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