Hiring Strategy

Hiring the right employees is essential to any growing business. Yet, much of the hiring software and surveys in existence are either unscientific, or generalized to the point where they fail to notice the best candidates. We perform the same functions as hiring software, but customized to your specific needs, and combined with a personal touch.

A Light in the Rain Ltd., recognizes that every potential hire is a long-term investment, and applies various techniques to help you find the right candidates. We determine key abilities required, and use them to filter out candidates that are great at self-enhancement, but may not be experts at what you are seeking. We then teach your hiring team the psychology behind first impressions, to help you avoid rejecting a superstar just because they may be nervous or unfamiliar with the hiring process. Further, we help you develop questions based on modern psychology and neuroscience that will get you unbiased answers and the information you need to make an informed and successful decision.

Contact Us and let us help you find the superstar candidates that your business deserves.

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