Data Analysis

Data is everywhere. Whether you’re looking at google analytics, trying to determine which of your social media advertisements is worth investing in, or analyzing your customer’s purchasing patterns: data matters.

A Light in the Rain Ltd., helps you implement data collection tools, decipher collected data, and turn data into useful information to help with future decision making. We also use data to optimize marketing initiatives, helping you attain the best outcomes possible at the lowest costs available.

Unlike many data analysts, we look further than just plain numbers. Yes, your website may have 5% more visitors this month, but is it due to a new marketing campaign? Or is it just due to random chance? We take a scientific approach to data analysis, using statistics, programming, and advanced measurement techniques to determine the significance and accuracy of data, so that it provides useful information in an easily understandable way.

You can trust us to provide honest, accurate, and informative data analysis, in an intuitive format that any employee will be able to understand. Contact Us and take advantage of data today!

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