Behavioural Science

Strategy and techniques derived from behavioural science research are automatically integrated with all services we offer, free of charge. They are a core part of our unique approach to marketing and customer relations.

Research and academic fields involved in behavioural science inlcude psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics, political science, anthropology, sociology, demography, data analytics, history, traditional marketing, and various other sub-disciplines.

Why Behavioural Science?
Behavioural science builds on traditional marketing, allowing for the ability to optimize initiatives, minimize guesswork, and eliminate costs associated with market research. Realistically speaking, it is a complex amalgamation of various scientific fields, requiring a vast array of knowledge and skill to implement accurately within varying contexts. However, when applied correctly the results are noticible and worth the effort.

While humans are predictable in many ways, behavioural science research is often limited to lab studies and specific population subsets. Thus, we have spent the past decade perfecting the practical application of behavioural science in various industries. Through a combination of data analysis, online tracking, and research, we customize our approach for every initiative. Whether you’re offering software as a service, running a factory, selling clothing, or building rockets, we can find the right solution for your needs.

How Does it Work?
Behavioural science is grounded in the understanding that on average, much of human behaviour is predictable. For example, if a light started blinking on this screen while you were reading this, it would almost certainly pull your attention towards it. Similarly, if we seeded this page with positive words like “profit” “growth” “winner” and “success,” you would likely believe behavioural science was beneficial, even before reading any of the content.

Using behavioural science techniques, we can influence how your customers experience and interact with your business. Similarly, we can change how customers perceive your brand, influencing their likelihood to leave good reviews or share your posts on social media. Websites can be optimized to direct attention in a specific way in order to create a lasting experience or increase the likelihood of specific actions (like making a purchase). Priming can be used to improve customer satisfaction and retention, while generating a lasting reputation. And advertisements can be optimized to elicit interest, without relying on click-bait or misleading information.

Most importantly, our goal is not to manipulate your customers, but rather to create exceptional user experiences that leave lasting positive impressions. While we are using techniques that take advantage of subconscious neural processes, we always strive to do so in an ethical way that provides net benefits to everyone involved.

How Will it Benefit Me?
Small changes can lead to dramatic results. Our behavioural science techniques often double or triple the effectiveness of specific marketing initiatives, reducing costs in the process. If you choose to apply our strategies towards all aspects of your business, the multitude of small changes quickly adds up, providing you with countless opportunities. Behvaioural science strategies can transform your business and provide you with a competitive advantage, as well as the capabilities and infrastructure to succeed and grow.

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