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We strongly suggest that when using WordPress, you consider purchasing a pre-made layout from an external vendor that is paid for annually, and regularly updated. This will help you avoid security concerns, and save the costs associated with developing and maintaining a custom WordPress. In this situation, we can help you alter aspects of the layout you choose, and customize it to match your brand and business goals. However, it is important to recognize that you will be somewhat limited by the capabilities of the layout you choose. A Light in the Rain Ltd., is here to help you make a great choice that will both represent your brand, and provide technical stability.

Alternatively, we can offer WordPress design services, and create a customized WordPress website for your business. These are inherently less flexible than regular websites, but provide you with an easy way to update your pages and post articles on a regular basis. It is important to understand that these websites may require ongoing maintenance, updates, and support, depending on the design and required features. Please see our WordPress Development services for more information.

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