Database Strategy & Design

Database designs often lead to complex messes, insecure data, and long-term problems. We aim to avoid these common issues by helping you create a database strategy and template for long-term and flexible data storage. Unlike most developers, we consider all your business needs (past, present, and future) when designing your database. First, we take your current data storage systems into account, and create a system that easily allows you to clean up and transfer old data. Next, we determine your present goals, and help you design an efficient system that will help you attain them. And finally, we take your future into account, attempting to predict growth patterns and expansion points, creating a flexible framework that can be adapted when required.

At A Light in the Rain Ltd., we are always conscious about both the user and admin experience, aiming to create an efficient and simple-to-use system. Further, we take speed, security, and reliability into account, and discuss tradeoffs, costs, and time-commitments with you in a clear and concise manner. Our goal is for your database to serve your needs far into the future, and thus we strive to provide a solid and effective strategy. You can trust us to predict problems, and address them before they occur.

Contact Us for a strategy discussion, and ensure your database is secure, flexible, reliable, functional, and long-lasting.

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