Website Gamification

Gamification is an online marketing technique that allows you to influence customer behaviour and drive them towards desired actions. For example, you may want to use gamification to entice your members to visit your website on a regular basis. Or, you may want to run a word-of-mouth marketing campaign and thus drive your customers to share your product/services on social media.

While it often sounds simple, implementing gamification is a complex task that requires a deep knowledge and understanding of psychology and neuroscience. When applied without scientific understanding, it often leads to failure or negative effects.

A Light in the Rain Ltd., can help you successfully implement gamification by focusing on the psychology of your users, while using data to better understand their online decision making. Further, we help you find unique gamified systems that will surprise your users and improve their experience and customer satisfaction. When appropriate, we can also help you integrate your gamified systems into other mediums, such as social media, and the real world.

Contact Us today, and see how gamification can help improve your website and user experience.

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