Having the perfect website is only beneficial if people have the opportunity to experience it. Search Enginge Optimization (SEO) will help potential customers find your website when performing searches for related or similar services/products in a search engine like Google. Further, SEO can be applied to image searches, news searches, video searches, and more, giving you a myriad of opportunities to attract visitors. Our SEO services focus on a combination of metadata, website and social media copy, linkbacks, and XML sitemaps.

Social media Optimization (SMO) takes advantage of social media to drive traffic towards your website, and promote your brand. We help you operate and optimize your social presence through the strategic use of tags, images, videos, location identifiers, timed posts, and various other techniques.

A Light in the Rain Ltd., commits to using white hat methods in order to prevent your website or social media accounts from being marked as spam or blacklisted. We stay up to date with modern practices, and use a holistic approach towards increasing your site ranking. Additionally, we judge results based on statistical analysis, rather than relying on unchecked data, providing you with more accurate results.

For in-depth extended SEO and SMO services at discounted rates, we offer referrals to knowledgeable partners who can help you bring your SEO and SMO to the next level.

Contact Us for more information on our SEO and SMO services, and for referrals to our partners.

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