A/B Testing & Optimization

At A Light in the Rain Ltd., we make regular use of A/B testing to determine if our optimization techniques are valid and effective. This generally consists of randomly sending customers to either a normal experience (e.g the current website homepage), or an optimized experience (e.g. the website homepage with optimized copy). We then collect data, and determine if the optimized experience has a statistically significant advantage. For example, it might turn out that optimized copy triples the average amount of time spent on a page.

A/B testing can be applied to nearly all aspects of your web presence, from your website, to your social media advertisements. Aside from helping us determine that our techniques work, A/B testing also provides you with valuable customer insights, which can inform future decision making.

Additionally, we can apply A/B testing to your short-term and long-term strategies, to determine if your investments are paying off. If they aren’t working out, we can suggest ways to improve their performance without having to redesign your strategy or start from scratch.

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