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A Light in the Rain Ltd. is a Toronto-based E-marketing firm, specializing in helping businesses expand online. All our services come with neuro-optimization, and are customized to fit your needs. Our goal is to make you successful, both in the short-run and long-run.

Your success is our success.
Trust us to help you grow online.
last updated May 24th 2015
Innovative science based marketing techniques for the modern world.

Our unique solutions help your business expand across the web.
Web Expansion
Whether it's social media, websites, app development, marketing, or advertising, we have you covered.

We help grow your business online.
Using every possible option.
Neuro Optimization
Neuroscience, Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, and Marketing combine to optimize the performance of your web presence.

Part of all our services.
Website Services
Combining breathtaking designs with functionality.

We create websites that last, and produce results.
Learning and Tutorials
Learn some of our basic techniques

We explain the science, and provide links to the original studies that we base our strategies on.
Looking for the perfect words?

One sentence can hook a customer. We can help.
Trust us to make your words a success.