Web Expansion
What is YouTube
YouTube is Google's very popular video-sharing website, and the most popular site for video-communications. Not only can you upload content onto YouTube, but you can place it on your website, blog, or social media pages. Further, people can comment on your videos, and communicate with you on your profile.

How Can I Benefit From It?
Using YouTube can be a bit tricky, since you need to be able to design interesting videos that are informative or attention-grabbing. They also need to look clean, and have good sound. The most common type of videos are promotions (advertisements), or informative videos. You may want to do both, and have a few promotional videos that directly advertise your topic, and a few informational videos where you speak about the product and the company directly to customers. There are many other ways to utilize YouTube in order to attract more customers, and increase profits. We can help you determine the best strategies, help you implement them, and help you maintain them.

Succeeding on YouTube
If you decide to create advertisments, you need to find some way to promote them and have people view them. If they are designed well, you may be able to get them to go viral. We can help you accomplish this. You may also want to pay google to have them appear as a promoted video (now called TrueView). You can either have them show up when a user searches for a related topic, or have an ad appear at the start of a video. We can help you decide how to promote your videos, help you save money, and ensure your advertisements are seen.

If you decide to use YouTube in order to communicate with your customers, you need to ensure your videos do not bore people, and that people will want to view them. This can be tricky and the strategies to accomplish this differ based on the product or service. We can help you to ensure people will want to view and share your videos.