Web Expansion
Twitter is an important tool for communicating with customers. But it should not be used to advertsie or promote your business. Rather it should be used to inform current customers of promotions, events, or anything interesting that is related to your business.

Many people falsely assume that the best Twitter marketing strategy is to get as many followers as possible. In reality this is not the case. Getting followers is important, but what you're really looking for, are people who -want- to be following you.

These people will want to read your tweets, will retweet interesting posts, and will tell their friends about your business.

How We Can Help
We can help you set up or improve a Twitter account for your business. We will teach you the common twitter terms, how to form short and direct messages, and how to make your followers feel like friends or family, rather than clients.

This combined with many more small actions that would seem unimportant to most people, will ensure that your business has a successful Twitter account, that helps grow your business and profits.

For more expansive campaigns, we can also help to get your business or new product/service "trending" on twitter.