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Other Social Media
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Myspace used to be the main social network on the internet prior to Facebook. In the past few years it has gone through numerous changes, and has transformed itself into a very music-oriented social network. If you have a teen to young-adult target market, myspace may be a viable social network to expand on.

Flickr is a photo-sharing website run by yahoo. If your business has an artistic side to it, this website is for you. You can use it to indirectly market your business by posting creative and unique photos, targeting them at certain groups, and bringing attention to yourself and your business. For example, lets say you run a 5-star restaurant. If you take very creative photos of food, people might comment and spread your picture, or add you to their contacts. Overtime this could be a great way to attract customers, and set yourself apart from competition.

LinkedIn is a social network targeted towards professionals. In otherwords, if you want to network with working professionals, join groups about specific professions, and make new contacts in your area of expertise, it is the place to be. It is also great for promoting your business. One feature is the ability to launch specific web-advertising campaigns directed at specific professionals on it. You can also generate reccomendations, which allow others to see that you run a legitimate business with satisfied customers. Further, if you create groups that represent what your business does, you can attract many new clients and learn how your competition from around the world succeeds. Overall, LinkedIn is a great site with a lot of potential.