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QR Code Marketing
What Are QR Codes?
QR codes (Quick Response Codes) are a type of barcode invented by Toyota to track vehicles in their production line. In recent years they have become a very powerful marketing tool, due to smartphone applications which allow people to easily scan them with a phone's camera.

How Can I Use Them?
Many companies include QR codes in their marketing campaigns but fail to take full advantage of what they have to offer. Rather than link to your page like most sites do (and the example here does), it is always best to create a custom page, optimized for mobile phones. This page should be designed to interact with the user or get them interested in your product, rather than just providing information. You should also link this page to social media sites that you are on, so that people can share it if they like it.

How To Make Your QR Code Unique
Everybody is used to seeing the typical black and white boxed QR codes on posters and flyers all over their city. For the most part, people just ignore them since many of them just link to a main webpage. Therefore if you want people to scan yours, you should try to be unique and stand out. Custom QR codes are the best way to do this. Since a QR code can have a 30% error margin (if generated properly), you can erase sections and put your logo into them. Or you can edit your logo to look like part of the QR code. There are many other ways to make your QR code unique and eye-catching, and we can help you with a custom design.

In the example posted here, you can see two raindrops embeded into a QR code. If you have a smartphone or ipad, download a QR scanning program and try scanning it (it will go to our homepage).