Web Expansion
Having a Page for your business on Google+ is important, not only for the social networking aspect, but also because it ties in with numerous google services, including their search engine and youtube.

People who "follow" your page or add you to a circle will have search results (when seaching for something relevant to your business) skewed in your favour. In other words if a user has favourited a clothing business and seaches for "Toronto Clothing Stores", your business will have a better chance of appearing first.

How We Can Help
We can help you set up your Google+ page, and design a marketing strategy to acquire followers and expand it over time. We can also help you utilize the revolutionary "circles" feature of Google+, which allows you to group your fans into segments. This lets you target different market segments with different campaigns.

Google+ and it's connected services like Google My Business presents many opportunities to grow your business online and increase your profits, and we can help you maximize it's effectiveness.