Web Expansion
Facebook is one of the most powerful e-marketing tools out there, and you should ensure that you take advantage of its opportunities. A Light in the Rain can help you determine when to post messages, based on psychology and neuroscience studies of when facebook users are happiest.

We can teach you what to post, what to say, and how to make your Facebook fans want to tell their friends about your business. When you need a campaign or when you want to spice up your Facebook Page, we can help design the apps neccesary for it, and help integrate it into your website.

No matter what your needs, we will always be available to ensure your Facebook presence is a success.

How Facebook Helps You
Create Awareness & Advertise
Whenever someone "likes" your Facebook page, it will show up on their timeline, informing all of their friends. Many people will click out of curiousity, and learn about your business and what it offers. This can create a chain reaction, where one person likes your page, then some of their friends do, then their friends do, etc. If this network-effect is properly used, you can dramatically increase the number of customers/clients that you have.

Retain Customers and Expand
Whenever you post an update on your timeline/wall, the majority of people who have "liked" your page will see it in their newsfeed. Thus, regularly updating your page is a good way to ensure your past and potential customers, as well as fans, are continuously aware of what you have to offer.

Manage Revenue Fluctuations
If your sales change with the season, or you experiance a "slow month", you can use Facebook pages to quickly generate revenues and make up for any imbalances. Facebook pages give you access to millions of potential customers, and with a creative marketing campaign or contest you can easily attract quick spurs of sales/clients/revenue.