Web Expansion
Expand Your Business Online
Navigating the online world can be difficult. There are hundreds of opportunities, just waiting to be taken advantage of. But determining the right ones and the right amount of money to spend, can be time consuming.

A Light in the Rain Ltd. has years of experience with helping companies and non profits expand online. Through the use of behaviorual science and marketing, we can help you determine the best options, at the lowest-cost, with the greatest effect.

Our goal is to make sure that in less than a month, you generate enough extra business to pay for whatever services we have provided. We also make sure that our services last, and help keep them updated, often free of charge.

We have provided information on many of the common services we offer, which you can read by clicking the links on the left. We also offer websites and copywriting. However, these just scratch the surface of the possibilities. We will strive to find the right combination for your business, taking into account cost, time, simplicity, and value.

Let us help you take advantage of all the online world has to offer.
And watch your business grow.