Web Expansion
What is E-Commerce?
E-commerce is the use of the internet as a virtual store, where you can sell your goods to individuals around the world. There are many different websites and services that both allow you to this and help you do this. E-commerce initiatives can often be set up very easily, allowing you to expand your business onto the internet and having "free space" to sell your goods. Online stores also reach many more potential customers than actual stores, because people don't have to travel anywhere and can access your store from any spot with the internet.

What Websites and Services Are There??
Websites like E-bay are auction-based, meaning that you can post an item and have people bid on it for a set period of time. However, most of these sites also let you have stores where you sell items at a fixed price. Other sites like Etsy allow you have to have stores online, and cater to specific market segments. Sites like Kijiji and Craigslist can be used informally to sell leftover stock qucikly at a low price (without mentioning your business). While all these sites and services are useful, setting up your own custom site on a website is often the best option. This can easily be done with software or shopping-cart services, but can often be set up at a lower cost using PayPal.

How We Can Help
A Light in the Rain can help you determine whether or not it will be profitable to sell your goods online, which websites or services to use, and then help you set it up and maintain it. We will ensure that your e-commerce initiatives maximize your profit and help improve the image of your business or brand.