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E-mail Blasts
What are E-Mail Blasts?
E-mail blasts are graphical e-mails that you send to customers who have signed up to your mailing list. These can be used to convey information, promote new products, or to communicate with your customers.

How Do I Generate A Mailing List?
The first step to successful e-mail blasts is generating a mailing list. This can be done in various ways, but should never be agressively pushed onto people. The best way to get customers interested in your mailing list is to give them an incentive to sign up, such as getting information before others or giving them special e-mail only coupon codes.

How Should My E-mail Blasts Look?
The second step is to design the e-mail blasts. An e-mail blast should be more than just text, and resemble a miniture website or flyer. It should be graphical and draw the readers attention. While you can attach all pictures and files to the e-mail, it is usually a lot better to have all the graphics hosted on your webpage. This means that when someone gets the e-mail, it loads any pictures or graphics from your website (ensuring that the e-mail is not large).

The design of a general e-mail blast should reflect on your business and look similar to your website or social media pages. However, if you have multiple target markets you can split up your mailing list and market to different segments with different designs and colour schemes. There should always be an unsubscribe button or option, that allows people to opt out of your mailing list. Lastly, you should always thank and praise your customers, and ensure that there are links to your social media pages and to your website.

How We Help
A Light in the Rain can help you set up a mailing list, design e-mail blasts, and optimize your e-mails to ensure that they increase customer loyalty and generate profits. We can help you set up an interval for sending out general information, teach you how to write your own e-mails, help you maintain your e-mail lists and be there for you any time you have problems.