Web Expansion
What are Blogs?
Blogs are online journals or informative pages, where entries are dated and displayed chronologically. The blogger can add tags to their entries to allow people to search for common subjects. For example, a blog on cars might have a Toyota tag, so if someone wants to find entries on Toyotas, they can just click the Toyota tag.

How Can Blogs Benefit My Business?
Blogs can be a lot of work, but can also help improve your online presence greatly.

One use of blogs is as an information source, to both attract people to your business and legitimize your business.

Blogs can also be used to generate coversations and collaborate in certain fields. For example, a pastry shop might have a blog about their recipes, and people might post about alterations they made to them in order to make them taste better. If a blog is used this way, it can actually help your business innovate and grow.

There are many other uses for blogs, and many ways to use them to increase profits and success. Let us help you figure out the best blogging strategies, teach you how to get a blog, set it up for you, and help you maintain it over time.

How Can I Get One?
Blogs can either be hosted on a blogging site like Wordpress, or can be hosted on your private server (ex. a Wordpress blog hosted in the same place your website is). Hosting your own blog comes with numerous benefits such as avoiding downtime, controlling your content and avoiding censorship, ensuring your blog is never shut down, securing and backing up data, etc. A Light in the Rain can help you set up your own blog and avoid many of the problems that come with public hosting.