Web Expansion
Why Should I Advertise Online?
The internet provides many advertising opportunities at a much lower cost that most traditional methods. Further, many social networks and websites allow you to target certain audiences, meaning that you can directly advertise to target markets. This also allows you to segment your markets and advertise differently to each one. Another benefit is the ability to only pay when people click on your ad's or view your advertisement videos. When you combine all the possibilities, advertising online is one of the lowest-cost and most effective ways to increase your profits and brand recognition.

Where Should I Advertise?
There are many websites to choose from when advertising online. One of the best places to advertise is Facebook, as it is low cost, you can reach very specific groups, and you can keep track of statistics. Another great place to advertise is with Google, where you can advertise in their search engine, on web pages, before YouTube videos, and in many other places. There are also 100s of other websites and advertising services out there, each having benefits and downsides. We can help you determine the best places to advertise and the best advertising services to use.

Where Should I Design My Advertisements?
Advertisements should be customized for the target market they are intended for, as well as for the advertising service being used. For example, Facebook ads should be small image that quickly grabs attention and a one line hook. The best pictures tend to be ones that pique users curiosity, making them want to click to see what it is. An ad for Google searches on the other hand should be an informative sentance about what your business offers. Each different advertising option requires a different type of ad, and a different strategy to attract user click-throughs. A Light in the Rain can apply behavioural science techniques, marketing strategies, and our vast knowledge of the internet, towards helping you design the most efficient and best-yielding advertisements.